Bubbles are inspired by nature, its beauty and diversity. Each bubble is handmade and has its own unmistakable shape as well as a velvety texture. The individual components can be assembled in arbitrarily large groupings.

Dimensions of the luminaire : Ø 280 x 900 mm

Dimension of one component: approx. Ø 150 x 200 mm (each piece original)

Top cover : Ø 240 x 50 mm

Light source : G9


Every single piece of Clartés glassware is handmade in our Bohemian glass factory and metal workshop located in the Czech Republic. Our methods of luxury glass manufacturing were first created in the early 1900’s by the highly sought-after artisans Antonin Jilek and Frantisek Wetter. Their legacy is a workshop that specialises in Bohemian glass and crystal, internationally recognised for its beauty, high quality craftsmanship and innovative flare.

Generations of glassblowers have made the factory their home and together we are passionate in planning the future and development of new products and cutting-edge design.

More than a manufacturing workshop, we are all one big family who will continue to believe in our products and our vision of Clartés as the forefront of contemporary glass design.