Handcrafted installations for spectacular spaces

Clartés is an award-winning design studio, manufacturer and lighting design consultancy creating one-of-a-kind luxury lighting products.


A Family business

Clartés is a family enterprise. Family values, above all hard work, responsibility, perseverance and sustainability of business shape all aspects of Clartés operations.

In our company, we believe that only long-term hard work within a team of excellent and reliable professionals leads to a sustainable long-term success. Our team will ensure you receive a smooth personal care leading your project to a successful outcome.


Our own glass factory

Our story begins in 1905 when Antonín Jílek and František Wetter invited Eiffel engineers to build one of the first glass factories in the country. Located in the north of Bohemia in a picturesque town Kamenický Šenov, the factory belongs to one of the most beautiful buildings in the region.

Nowadays, the factory has the capability to operate on 2 furnaces and up to 14 glass-melting pans. We melt the widest range of pot colours that can be mixed into a dazzling number of combinations. Similarly, our remarkable selection of optical moulds create distinct optical effects of any glass product.



In the premises of the glass factory we have built new metal-processing workshops to extend our portfolio of processes and stay up to date with newest technology.

Our customers appreciate greatly that we do not need to rely on other suppliers, as we have all manufacturing processes in house. We are in a full control of quality and lead times.