Staircase lighting, London

A staircase lighting feature is a unique opportunity to craft a sculpture that creates a sense of movement and transformation when viewed from any angle.  The glittering ice crystals of a passing comet, speeding beyond our reach, were the inspiration for this piece.  Complementing the fresh white staircase, each glass segment was hand-blown and shaped to refract and reflect light to brighten the space.


Every single product we make is hand made in a glass factory and metal workshops located in the Czech Republic. This factory specializes in luxury glass manufacturing and processing was created in the early 1900's by Antonin Jilek and Frantisek Wetter, well known artisans in Europe for their know-how.

Generations of glassblowers have been working in the factory and together we discuss the production and talk about the development of new products.

More than a manufacturing workshop, we are all one big family who believe in our projects, our products and our vision of Clartés since the first days of the brand.