Clartés is a design manufacturer of luxury bespoke lighting and glassware. 
Our glass factory situated in a picturesque countryside of North Bohemia is one of the places which preserves its genius loci. Surrounded by a charming hilly countryside this place gives us a pause to reflect on our hurried daily life.
Clartés glassware and lighting is produced in a small city of Kamenický Šenov which is considered to be a Mecca for glassmaking. The city has become over the centuries the cradle of world-renowned glass manufacturing and design. Bohemian glass ensures a hallmark of quality, glass artisanship which is hard to be found anywhere else.
Since 1905 our glassworks was known for creating timeless pieces of outstanding quality, close cooperation with artists and glass artisans and human attitude reflected in our company values. We keep the name of our founder Antonin Jilek on our factory chimney to commemorate the principles he stood for. To this day we continue to stand firmly and proudly build on this very foundation and legacy of our forefathers.