portrait photo of designer Eduard Seibert

Eduard Seibert

Twenty-five-year-old architect, glassmaker, admirer of ladies, trees and mists. I am a slowly cast mix of contradictory feelings and opinions which exclude each other, fight each other for their space within me: I like grey and shiny pink, logic and emotions, functionality along with lavishness. I am not interested in their very existence, but in their interactions. I am open to new ideas and influences which I am reluctant to accept without testing them first. I prefer to try them myself, test them thoroughly, so they can win my affections. I repeatedly open topics once closed to review their relevance.

I like challenges.

I am continuously changing, developing, moving forward. I refuse to stand still, I refuse the feeling of work completed once and for all, refuse definite perfection. Mistakes and alternatives open gates to improvement, perfection kills possibilities. Glass is at its best when scorching hot glass matter is picked up by the blowpipe. It is this precise moment when no one knows what the results will be. The moment full of potential, energy, hot and ready to take any form, the moment when glass ignites fantasy and its final shape is yet to materialize. 

portrait photo of designer

Simona Hrušková

She does like minimalism.

portrait photo of designer Jiří Nosek

Jiří Nosek

Jiří Nosek studied architecture and urbanism at Technical University of Liberec (2005-2012) and at Sint Lucas School of Architecture in Gent, Belgium (2009). Along with architecture, design has been his domain. He started focusing on glass installations immediately after his graduation in 2012. From 2012 to 2015, he was the head of the Clartés design department where he played major role in introducing the company into both the Czech and global market. His architecture backgrounds are projected in his design work which is characterized by connecting the design of the object with the surrounding area, working with structures and strong focus on the detail. As Jiří puts it “I like large installations which become an inseparable part of architecture, boost its impact and give their surroundings a touch of uniqueness. I take pleasure in cooperation with glassmakers and creating astonishing visual effects. Glass is inspiring.”

Pavlína Váchová

She does like minimalism too.

portrait photo of designer Pavlína Váchová