A Family Business

Clartés Bohemia is a family enterprise and we like it that way. The company was founded by Milan Polak, the owner as well as the general manager of the company.

Family values, above all hard work, responsibility, perseverance and sustainability of business and working relations together with those on the general personal level shape all aspects of Clartés Bohemia operations.

portrait photo of designer

The family-feel of the company is completed with Lukas Klimcak, step-son of Milan, who supports the company on British market with design knowledge gained through studying at Bartlett and working for London leading design practices.

In our company, we believe that only long-term hard work within a team of excellent and reliable professionals leads to sustainable long-term success. This does not concern only the financial side, but also the simple feeling of satisfaction when we have done a great job. We will be delighted if you decide to share this feeling with us

portrait photo of Milan Polák


The second-generation member working within the company structures is Lukas Polak who is in charge of business development and marketing.


Lukas Klimcak