100% Handmade in the Czech Republic

All products by Clartés Bohemia are 100% made in the Czech Republic. Glass and Bohemian Crystal parts for our delightful chandeliers are produced in our own glass factory. We are one of the few companies in the world preserving the traditional manufacturing procedures, so glass and Bohemian Crystal parts of our chandeliers are crafted and treated by hand. Our products therefore match the highest expectations of quality.

Thanks to our own facilities for processing and treating metals, we have been able to take yet one more step forward in our pursuit of high-end perfection. Lately, we have been focusing on providing one-off custom made solutions for the richest of this world. Our own in-house design department is a vital part of this new fast growing part of Clartés Bohemia business.

Our customers enjoy a comprehensive service starting from a design proposal of a unique chandelier for their bespoke interior which is then translated into a technical drawing, manufactured and finally installed in the client´s home by our expert team.

At every stage of the process, we make sure that our clients enjoy the creative process and the cooperation runs as smoothly as possible. Words of appraisal from our clients are the best reward for our efforts along with the satisfaction coming from the fact that we lived up to the expectations raised by the etiquette Made in the Czech Republic. Our excellent reputation among customers has also become our best marketing asset and the word of mouth our best marketing tool.